Nick Adrian

PhD Candidate
AmsterdamUMC / VUMC


Nick is a PhD candidate in the WP3 group of the GUTS project at the Amsterdam UMC. His research will mainly revolve around the role of self-regulation in the persisting or desisting of antisocial behavior. Furthermore, he’s looking forward to exploring more modalities involved with self-regulation, and how these affect each other. He has a background in neuroscience, but has done different projects in other fields (such as physics, philosophy, and programming). He hopes to combine the different approaches from these fields into his research. For his master’s thesis, he made a novel model for predicting Parkinson’s disease (PD) in order to hopefully someday assist (newer) doctors in diagnosing PD.

His (co)promotors are Lucres Nauta-Jansen, Valeria Gazzola, and Arne Popma.

Photo: Alexander Santos Lima