Nathalie Aerts

PhD Candidate
University of Amsterdam

Nathalie Aerts is a PhD candidate for the GUTS project at the University of Amsterdam and the ICS Graduate School in the Netherlands. During her PhD-trajectory, she will study socioeconomic disparities in self-regulation and their implications for educational inequality. With her background in sociology, she will focus on the role of contextual factors, such as poverty, and how these affect self-regulatory abilities. Previous studies on self-regulation have largely ignored or neglected that individuals’ decision-making is a result of complex interactions between these contexts and available individual recourses. Her PhD project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Thijs Bol and Dr. Eddie Brummelman.

During her bachelor of Sociology, Nathalie developed an interest in social inequalities and social reproduction. She obtained Research master’s degrees in social sciences at Tilburg University and Humboldt-University Berlin where she investigated the overrepresentation of students from privileged backgrounds in study abroad programs. Her master thesis from Tilburg University was recently published in Sociology of Education.

Her (co)promotors are Thijs Bol and Eddie Brummelman

Photo: Alexander Santos Lima