Maartje Overhaus

PhD Candidate
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Maartje is a PhD candidate within the GUTS consortium at the Vrije Universiteit (WP1), where she explores the development of individual differences in decision-making between self and other interests, and the underlying mechanisms. Her research entails an experimental task in which choices are made between rewards for self and another individual, combined with functional brain imaging (fMRI) to analyze behavior and brain activity patterns. She collaborates closely with Lotte van Rijn, who simultaneously implements the same experimental paradigm in Rotterdam.

Maartje completed the Research Master’s Psychology program at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in brain & cognition and clinical psychology. Her academic background has fuelled her interest in exploring the neural underpinnings of behavior, particularly through fMRI studies. Her research endeavors seek to deepen our understanding of how social and individual factors influence decision-making processes in adolescents

Her (co)promotors are Lydia Krabbendam, Eveline Crone, and Mariët van Buuren.

Photo: Alexander Santos Lima