Kayla Green

Postdoctoral researcher
Erasmus University Rotterdam


Kayla Green is a postdoc in the SYNC Lab at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is currently finishing up her PhD on the social and neural determinants of well-being among adolescents and young adults. Green’s work focuses on the adverse effects of socioeconomic disadvantage on brain development and well-being. She combines various methods, such as (f)MRI, survey, and youth participation. Green is co-founder of the science communication and youth participation platform YoungXperts. In 2022, Green was elected by the KNAW and NEMO Kennislink as one of the Faces of Science. Since then, she has frequently written blogs and made vlogs about her work and life as a scientist. Green also dedicates part of her time to work related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia. She is a member of the Diversity working group of Flux Society and is affiliated with the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Center of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Photo: Alexander Santos Lima