Ethell-Marjorie Dubois

PhD Candidate
Erasmus University Rotterdam


Ethell is a neuroscientist with a passion for fMRI research and a strong interest in the development of youth with diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Ethell’s project focuses on understanding (1) how adolescents’ trust in society develops and (2) whether adolescents’ trust in society differs depending on their socio-economic status (SES). By employing an adapted, economic Trust Game, she will examine adolescents’ trust by functional neuroimaging using fMRI as well as during behavioral assessments. The adapted Trust Game will contain several counterparts or targets including close, societal, and distant others allowing an effective comparison. The Trust Game will be combined with survey research to consider the SES of the adolescents. She hopes that her research will contribute to a better understanding of how adolescents grow up in an increasingly complex society!

Her (co)promoters are Jeroen van der Waal and Eveline Crone.

Photo: Alexander Santos Lima