Ann Hogenhuis

PhD Candidate
Erasmus University Rotterdam


Ann holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences, with a specialization in Cognitive Neuroscience. She continued with a Research Master in Neuroscience at the Donders Institute and as a research intern at the University of Glasgow. Throughout her education, Ann focused on the intricate workings of the social brain, with a particular emphasis on functional connectivity. As a PhD candidate within GUTS WP1 in Rotterdam, her aim is to integrate functional MRI findings with Experience Sampling Methods (ESM) to investigate the neural underpinnings of social interactions in the brain and everyday life. Her primary research objective is to explore how self-regulation influences outcomes such as internalizing and externalizing behaviors in the context of social stressors. Beyond her research pursuits, Ann is dedicated to strengthening her skills in science communication in a creative and innovative manner. She aspires to be an integral part of the academic community by collaborating and sharing knowledge.

Her (co)promoters are Loes Keijsers and Michelle Achterberg.

Photo: Alexander Santos Lima

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