For advice with respect to societal and ethical matters the Societal and Ethics Advisory Board can be consulted. The members of this advisory board consist of societal partners and professionals from education, ethics, youth, and justice departments who have agreed to participate and represent a broad area of expertise, as well as scientists with expertise on ethics and the science-society interface.

  • Prof. Margrite Kalverboer, Netherlands Ombudsman for Children. Monitors whether children’s rights are adhered to in the Netherlands.
  • Prof. Dr. Semiha Denktaş, Chief officer Diversity & Inclusion at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Expert in diversity policy in research and management.
  • Prof. Vincent Jaddoe, Pediatrician and Professor of Pediatric Epidemiology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Leader of the Generation-R program (a population-based prospective cohort including 10,000 children and families from birth to adulthood)
  • Dr. Frank Kupper, Athena Institute, VU Amsterdam. Expert in science-society interface and Responsible Research and Innovation.
  • Dr. Katy de Kogel, Researcher at Research and Documentation Centre of Ministry of Justice, The Hague
  • Dr. Esther Hosli, Hersenstichting Netherlands (National Brain Foundation), division Brain disorders.