September 20, 2023

‘We are going to chart individuals as a part of their complete social network over time. That kind of research is very rare so far,’ explains Berna Güroğlu.

In her Leiden University interview, Güroğlu talks about the focus of her research and explains how she will apply highly innovative methods to study social networks for the GUTS project. Read the full article on the Leiden University website.


About Berna Güroğlu

Berna Güroğlu is professor of the Neuroscience of Social Relations at Leiden University and steering committee of the GUTS program. Güroğlu’s research examines social and cognitive development from a neuroscience perspective, with a special focus on adolescence. She combines measures of social networks with experimental tasks and fMRI methods to examine the neural basis of social behavior and relationships, with a particular on positive (e.g., friendships) and negative (e.g., social exclusion and peer victimization) peer relationships. Güroğlu is the chair of the Dutch Society for Developmental Psychology (VNOP) that unites developmental psychologists from the Netherlands and Belgium.