July 2, 2024

Cold drinks, sand under our feet, and the sea in the distance. The GUTS BBQ 2024 was a tremendous success!

Children, partners, and colleagues from across the Netherlands gathered for an afternoon full of fun to celebrate the 1.5-year anniversary of the GUTS (Growing Up Together in Society) consortium. The event was filled with laughing together, from engaging conversations to enthusiastic Kubb competitions.

A table full of beautiful GUTS T-shirts and a warm welcome awaited everyone. The beach club Witsand in Noordwijk gradually filled with familiar and new faces, all radiating enthusiasm. Beach games, drawing activities, and sandcastle-building supplies kept the children creatively engaged.

During the speeches by Eveline Crone and René Veenstra, the joyful atmosphere continued. Eveline shared her pride and excitement for everyone in the GUTS consortium. Not wanting to speak alone, she humorously explained, I pulled René into my car because if I had to give a speech, he had to help me. René then delivered a heartfelt and humorous speech while standing on a table. He reflected on the consortium’s beginnings, saying, I already knew Eveline through her famous book Het puberende brein, but oh, how cool is it to hear from someone well-known that they appreciate your work!”. He also expressed pride in how far the consortium has come.

With ‘cheers!’ at the end of the speech and a large group photo together in the sand, the delicious BBQ began. There were tasty sandwiches, salads, fish, meat and not to forget vegetarian dishes. Thanks to Yolijn Aarts, it was an incredibly well-organized afternoon.

Following the meal, a game of Kubb provided the perfect dessert. The game featuring wooden blocks, sticks, and a central king, led to many cheers and groans as participants tried to knock over the blocks. It brought out  the most enthusiastic players and the funniest moments.

Overall, the GUTS BBQ 2024 was an unforgettable and successful event, filled with joy and togetherness.

Written by Lisanne Ooijevaar (Communications Officer GUTS)